Leatherman Style Multi Tool Review

5.0 rating

The Style PS is a great multitool to put on your keychain so you know you will have it when you need it. The Style PS lists 8 tools but most users will count 7. Leatherman claims 2 tools for the pliers. Needle nose pliers for the section where the jaws meet each other at the tip. Regular pliers for the middle section of the jaws that do not close completely together. The Style PS also packs wire cutters, scissors, screwdriver, tweezers, nail file and a bottle opener in a compact form.

Leatherman Style PS

As with all keychain multi tools the Pliers and scissors on the Style PS are light-duty. Because the Style PS does not have a knife blade it is TSA compliant and can be on your person or in your carry on bag while flying. (Read our article about travel multi tools and why TSA compliant tools may still be confiscated). This is also the biggest drawback – a small knife blade is one of the most convenient items to have on your keychain when you need it.

The compromise Leatherman offers are the well engineered scissors. They can’t do everything a knife blade can do, but they are capable of cutting 1/4 in nylon cord, when they work. Unlike the famous Swiss Army knife scissors, users report a high failure rate with the Style PS scissors spring. The wire cutters also operate surprisingly well for a tool this size, cutting copper wire up to 20 gauge easily. We snipped paperclips without difficulty.

  • Price: ~$30
  • Weight: 5/5
  • Size: 4/5
  • Durability: 5/5
  • Utility: 4/5
  • Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Our Hands On Review

  • Blade length: N/A
  • Closed length: 2.9 in
  • Weight: 1.58 oz

The Leatherman Style PS is a keychain sized multi tool that is TSA compliant and great for frequent flyers. Outside of the airport, the lack of a knife blade limits it usefulness (unless you are compulsive nail filer).

Dan Sawyer

I'm the guy behind Multi Tool Mountain. I grew up in Wisconsin with a love for the outdoors. I currently live in Texas with my family where DIY home improvement projects keep my and my multi tools busy.

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