Leatherman Discounts for Military, First Responders & More

There are a number of restricted or privileged shopping networks where you can get new Leatherman products for significantly below retail. These networks cater to military service members, law enforcement, fire, EMS, government employees, and other professionals. Benefits can be substantial, if you are eligible then it’s unlikely you would be able to get a better price anywhere else.

We researched more than a dozen programs to separate out the loyalty rewards, promo codes, and scams to identify the programs with the best discounts that go beyond the token 10% off regular price:

  • The Exchange (AAFES, NEX, MCX, CGX) serves current and former military members a wide variety of products, including Leatherman, with no sales tax.
  • GoVX.com offers 25-50% discounts off MSRP on tactical and recreational brands, including Leatherman, popular with military members, first responders, and public servants.
  • Leatherman Pro program offers a 40-60% discount on products at Leatherman.com and LEDlenser.com for active-duty military, law enforcement, fire, EMS, current retail employees, and several certified professional groups related to the outdoors.

The Exchange

Image from Exchange

The Exchange is the Department of Defenseʼs oldest and largest military retailer, service active duty and honorably discharged veterans with a lifelong online military exchange shopping benefit (AAFES, NEX, MCX, CGX).

Who is eligible to shop at the Exchange: Active duty service members, members of the Guard and Reserves, military veterans, and military retirees are eligible to shop online at the Exchange. Military veterans can only shop online and there may be additional restrictions to access on-base locations.

Most people will be able to verify eligibility when they create an account on the website. If the online signup process isn’t able to verify eligibility they will refer you to VetVerify.org to provide additional information.

How much is the discount at the Exchange: Prices at the Exchange are generally cheaper than retails, but not always, so be sure to comparison shop. The Exchange does have a price match policy for major online retailers (Amazon.com, Target.com, Walmart.com, Bestbuy.com, and Sears.com) if the price difference is greater than $10. Online orders get free shipping from AAFES and NES but CGX orders have a $50 minimum to get free shipping.

Price matching only applies to the same type of shopping, if you are at a physical location they will only price match other physical stores, likewise, shopmyexchange.com will only price match other online sites. Since you don’t pay sales tax, the Exchange will always beat retailers if you are willing to go through the price match hassle.

Products available at the Exchange: The wide selection is the best part of the Exchange. Even if you are buying the same items at retail prices you save money on the taxes, and the Exchange even delivers on their promise of military-exclusive pricing sometimes. Selection varies but nearly the entire Leatherman product line is usually available, as are multi tool options from Gerber and SOG but no SwissTools from Victorinox (AAFES has the best Leatherman selection).


Image from GovX

GovX.com was formed in 2011 as an internet retailer where qualified members can shop for tactical gear, outdoor equipment, athletic apparel, and more. Membership includes access to a variety of ticketing deals for major league sports, concerts, endurance races, and theme parks.

Who is eligible to shop at GovX: GovX.com is not open to the general public but within their six major categories they have few restrictions. In most cases, current and former members are eligible so it is worth checking their website if you think you qualify.

  • Military members (including ROTC and Reserves): Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard
  • Military spouses are eligible and so are dependents aged 18-24
  • Law Enforcement: Local, State, Local, Federal, and Department of Corrections
  • Fire department members: Municipal Fire Department (including volunteers), Federal, U.S. Forest Service, National Park Service (NPS), and Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
  • Emergency Medical Services: EMT/Paramedic, Nurse (RN, NP, CNA), and Hospital Physician/Physician Assistant (PA)
  • Government Employees: All full-time employees of government agencies (federal, state, and local level), government contractors are not eligible

Apply for membership at GovX.com by simply clicking on the Sign Up button to go through the process. Usually verification only takes a few seconds using either Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) for military members that served since 1984 or using your work email that ends in .mil or .gov address. In rare cases additional document upload may be requested.

How much is the discount at GovX: Prices at GovX are based on MSRP and usually between 25-50% off the suggested retail price. That sounds great until you remember that you almost never pay the manufacturer retail price on most purchases anywhere. For every $200 spent on products you earn $10 is rewards credit towards future purchases, so if you are a regular customer it works out to a 5% discount (ticket purchases are not included in the rewards program). GovX offers flat-rate shipping for a reasonable $7.95 no matter how much you order.

Products available at GovX: GovX.com works with brands popular with their members so it is geared toward tactical and outdoor recreation products, including Leatherman. In general they target higher-end enthusiast products than what you typically find at major retail discount stores like Walmart. GovX has some exclusive arrangements and special offers that are only available through GovX.com – also selects brands and products that don’t compete and they

The products generally listed on GovX are higher-end than you’d normally find at Wal-mart or the other discount stores. GovX works with brands and chooses products that are not well served by the Exchange outlets – they want to supplement the selection but not compete directly with the official DoD stores.

GovX knows its target audience and secures some special edition versions that are available through GovX exclusives. For example, they currently have a GovX exclusive Thin Blue Line version of the Benchmade 917 Triage folding knife

Leatherman Pro Program

Image from Leatherman

Who is eligible for Leatherman Pro: The Leatherman Pro program is a pretty sweet deal if you are eligible. They enforce strict requirements but are also very clear about what is needed to prove you qualify. Leatherman directly states that their Pro program is for personal use only and not to be used for commercial use or even family and friends.

  • Current employees at a retail store that sells Leatherman products
  • Active Duty Military, Law Enforcement, Fire (full-time or volunteer) and EMS
  • Members of Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts of America (Scouts and Venture team members)
  • Members of the Ski Patrol, Avalanche Control, and Forest Service
  • Licensed Outdoor Guides: Backcountry Ski, Climbing, Mountaineering, Fly Fishing, Hunting, River and Kayak guides
  • Certified/licensed ski, snowboard, SCUBA, and outdoor education instructors
  • Employees of Adventure & Travel companies, outdoor industry professionals that offer reciprocal pro purchase privileges, and tradeshow exhibitors
  • Certified adaptive sports professionals (parasports or disabled sports)
  • Members of the Peace Corp, media, and photographers

Leatherman has detailed requirements and a step-by-step guide to its application process at Leatherman.com/pro. Leatherman Pro only ships to US or Canada addresses and will not ship to PO boxes, they will ship to APO addresses for military members as long as they are residents of the US or Canada.

How much is the Leatherman Pro discount? Leatherman gives the best discount to their Pro members at 40-60% off regular prices. The discount is so good that Leatherman re-verifies eligibility every 180 days and has a spending limit of $345 during that period. The spending limit resets at 180 days after you re-verify your eligibility.

Members of the Leatherman Pro program can purchase multi-tools, knives, accessories, and wearables from Leatherman.com and flashlights, headlamps, and area lights LEDLenser.com at 40-60% off regular prices.

Products available thru Leatherman Pro: Members of the Leatherman Pro program can purchase multi-tools, knives, accessories, and wearables from Leatherman.com. Not every model is available all the time but eligible members can purchase the full product lines when in stock. Previously Pro members could also purchase flashlights, headlamps, and area lights from LEDLenser.com but that is no longer included in the program.

Final Thoughts

Of all the programs we researched the Leatherman Pro program impressed us the most. You may score a great deal at the Exchange or GovX if you get lucky, but getting half-off the entire Leatherman product line communicates a clear purpose. Leatherman isn’t doing this as a marketing gimmick or publicity – they do it to make their tools available to people who earn a living from their tools and to respect our service members.

In fact, they would do well to increase visibility among eligible groups, only a handful of nearly 50 former military and emergency responders that we spoke with were aware of the program. We wrote this article to do our part and raise awareness to military members, emergency responders, and other public servants trying to find a more affordable way to be effective in their job. We are not affiliated with any of the sites in this article and receive no compensation or affiliate commissions for any purchases you make.

From our Multi Tool Mountain family, thank you for your service.

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