CRKT (Columbia River Knife & Tool)

Based in Oregon, Columbia River Knife and Tool (CRKT) was founded in 1994. Their core products are knives, tools, and accessories for the outdoor enthusiast. CRKT partners with the leading innovative custom knife makers and designers in the industry. The result is that the hottest custom designs are available to the consumer for daily use. To keep prices affordable, CRKT uses the most advanced equipment and production systems available. Columbia River Knife & Tool embraces quality and backs their products with exceptional warranties.

CRKT Designs

CRKT’s unique multitool designs offer form factors and functions not available from other manufacturers:

  • Bivy Riggers Multi-tool
  • Eat’N Tool
  • Guppie Carabiner Tool with Adjustable Wrench
  • Li’l Guppie Carabiner Tool with Adjustable Wrench
  • Technician
  • Viva Keychain Tool
  • K.E.R.T. (Key Ring Emergency Tool)
  • Zilla Tool [Discontinued]
  • Zilla Tool Jr [Discontinued]
  • CRKT Tool [Discontinued]

About Columbia River Knife and Tool

Born in Oregon in 1994, Columbia River Knife and Tool® is an American company known for distinction in design, selection, and quality. For more than 20 years, CRKT® has put innovation and integrity first, making a commitment to build products that inspire and endure.

From the beginning, CRKT® has been driven by a purpose: to bring useful technological advancements and entirely new product concepts to market. This has led to partnerships with the world’s best designers and custom knife makers. The result is products that are visually stunning and technically superior, featuring innovations that have defined the cutting edge of the industry, like the automated liner safety system, the IKBS™ Ball Bearing Pivot System, and the OutBurst® assist opening mechanism. CRKT® currently owns 15 patents and patents pending.

Whether for everyday carry, tactical missions, hunting and fishing, even survival situations, CRKT® knives, tools, and lifestyle accessories are purpose-built to instill confidence in those who proudly carry them. Every day they are put to the test on the job, in the woods, on the mountain, and even on the battlefield by people who value preparedness and demand performance. If it’s not up to their standards, then it’s not up to ours.

CRKT® products are manufactured using the most advanced equipment and production systems. Our model for getting our products to market emphasizes excellence and efficiency. We believe that everyone should be able to afford to carry the highest quality knives and tools.

At CRKT®, integrity is critical to how we’ve chosen to do business. It means building products that perform reliably, for sport, work, professional, and lifestyle activities. It also means making a promise to our customers that we will deal with them honestly and directly. Backing that promise is a dedicated customer service department and exceptional warranty program. To us, standing behind our customers is as critical as standing behind our products.